Sunday, August 2, 2009

We Partied Like It Was 1999

It was my high school 10-year class reunion on Saturday. My head hurts, my voice is hoarse and my eyes are sleepy. It was awesome.

Unfortunately someone forgot to pass the memo on to the kiddies that today would be a sleep-in day and, in general, extra-slow.

But it was still worth it.

Saturday started out bright and early with a round of golf.

Here I am with my ladies. Yes, we are wearing sweatshirts and yes, it was August 1st. Welcome to Minnesota.

Here's my cart co-pilot. She's also the one that keeps my (and the rest of my family's) hair looking BEA-utiful.

Look at that swing! What a hottie.

After golf we scurried home so that I could feed my Lucy girl and take a hot shower to warm up. Seriously, summer. Where are you?

Here's my ladies beautified post-golf.

Brian was a good sport. We didn't go to the same high school so he should be commended for even coming along. But as the night wore on and I kept finding new people to catch up with, I think he may have gotten a bit on the bored side. The proof is in this random picture I found on my camera.

Party on JHS Class of '99. You rock!


  1. I woke up that morning totally pooped! My voice was so raspy from laughing, singing, and yapping EVERYONE'S ears off! It was the best day ever! And I would like to correct that we didn't party like it was 1999, because we didn't drink keg beer then, but now ten years later we sure made up for lost time! LOVE to you and your good sport of a husband, BRIAN!!!

  2. Look how beautiful you are just a few months postpartum! Seriously. You are gorgeous.

    My 10-year reunion is next year. What percentage of your class attended yours?

    P.S. Sweatshirts?!? Really. Can we "trade" for a day or two? I think it was 103 here today.


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