Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Nickel Tour

Here it is! Much requested, much anticipated. Mr. William will play as your tour guide.

One of the biggest selling points for me was the kitchen so we'll start there. It's pretty much a cook's and/or baker's dream. Of which I try to (and enjoy being) both.

Although the kitchen was completely renovated, the previous owners made sure to keep some of the old world charm. Hence the farm sink and glass knobs and pulls.

But it doesn't get any more modern than this. A GE Profile commercial grade ranger. Hello, lover!

And although the kitchen is smallish, there's more cabinet space than you'd think. My kitchen boxes are completely unpacked but I still have plenty of empty shelves. That's thanks mostly in part to genius ideas like this.

The cabinet pulls out. Wait for it...

And then swivels to reveal two more large sliding drawers in back. I found this perfect for hiding my blender, slow cooker and food processor.

To ensure there's plenty of space to work on above, or maybe just to show off those gorgeous countertops...

...there's a drawer that takes away the need for a knife block. And right next to that is the silverware drawer which stacks and slides--a two for one of sorts.

In our old house I had to keep all my spices in a box in the closet.

But here I just pull out my nifty spice rack. Of course, I alphabetized my spices. That's what OCDers do best.

This kitchen isn't all about function. There are cutesy parts too.

Like this wall by the refrigerator that serves as a chalkboard. Think menu planning, a grocery list or just a space to occupy the kiddos while I cook up dinner.

Alright so you get it. I love the kitchen. But I'll move on.

This house isn't all about renovation. In fact, the previous owners took pride in retaining much of the original 1923 charm.

Like this built-in buffet in the dining room. It's mostly empty now but I'm excited to unpack my wedding china which currently resides in my mom's basement.

And then there's these built-in bookcases on either side of the wood-burning fireplace. As you can see we still haven't unpacked our books. (Sorry about the darkness. It's a rainy day.)

Moving upstairs...

There's the original stair runner.

Also a good spot for sleeping apparently.

There's a door at the end of the upstairs hallway that leads to a small deck. Brian likes to call this the smoking deck. Of course neither of us smokes so for now it's just a good cross breeze. My Realtor told me that these were often built in older homes so that the women had a place to shake out their rugs. I'm not sure if that's true but it's a pretty good idea.

The bathroom has an updated sink and toilet.

But the mirror is true to the time period.

Back downstairs I forgot to mention one of my favorite parts.

A porch!

Complete with a window seat.

There's hardwood under that ugly carpeting so that's a project for another day. Right now it's mostly a dumping ground for toys and other miscellaneous items but we'll get furniture out there when our bank account recovers.

The basement is nothing special but it does give us space for a computer, Brian's music paraphernalia, an extra bathroom with shower and room for William to spread out his flashcards from his Hooked on Phonics kit that I won not too long ago thanks to Stephanie who hosted the contest.

What am I missing?

Ah, yes. The bedrooms. You'll have to wait on those. There are no pictures to be taken in the bedrooms due mostly to the fact that I can't open the doors for all the boxes of clothes that still need putting away. All in good time my friends.

And lastly I should probably show you the exterior, huh?

Taken on a much sunnier day, here is the front.

And the back. Complete with swing.


  1. You little stinker! I don't see those pretty lace curtains back on the windows that I took down for washing???

  2. AWESOME!!!!

    I love the fireplace with bookshelves built beside them. (We have those in our house too!)

    What a beautiful new home.

    Congrats, Nashes!

  3. Cute!!! Yep - the kitchen would have been the clincher for me too - awesome organizing!

  4. I desperately covet your kitchen. I am also extremely jealous you have a place for your wedding china. Mine is in a wicker storage the bedroom.

  5. Your "tour guide" is the cutest!

    And that window seat? Charming!

    P.S. Aren't those giant flash cards awesome?


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