Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moving On

Lucy and I had a date at the bank this morning.

On the way there I turned off the radio. I opened the windows. I tried to shoo my worries out into the hot summer breeze. And I prayed. A lot.

I admit it. My hands were a bit shaky. And I think the teller could hear the quiver in my voice as I told her the amount I needed in the form of a cashier's check please.

It was nice knowing ya, extra large savings account.

Thank you for helping us buy a car. And a TV. And a new piano for Brian. Thank you for keeping us credit card debt free. Thank you for helping us cut our student loans in half and then some. Thank you for greeting me each time I logged on to my online banking account.

But mostly, thank you for letting us be able to buy this house.

Why hello! It's nice to meet you, smallish but still adequate savings account. I know you have no room for splurges. Or trips. Or other frivolous things. But if you can cushion us if things don't go according to plan, I think we'll get along just fine.

I'll be offline while I move my family to our new home.

Our new Internet connection should be up and running by this weekend and you can bet I'll be back by then with some show-and-tell.


  1. Best wishes with the move!

    I know it can be scary, but I bet it's also incredibly exciting.

    Are you going to give us a "photo tour" of your new house? ;)


  2. Good luck, Jenny!

    We're thinking about you guys.

    (and can't wait to see pictures!)

  3. Yay! Can't wait to see pics! Hopefully there are some sweet little boys for William to make friends with. Ashley is having a blast in our new neighborhood. Now, I couldn't imagine life without neighbors. It's wonderful!


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