Sunday, August 9, 2009

Keeping It Together

Our dining table is gone.

Look how lonely that booster seat is there with William away at Camp Nana.

Our fireplace is nearly hidden with the mounting boxes.

My wedding dress is blocking half of the staircase.

What do you do with a wedding dress? You can't throw it away. But it takes up so much space. I guess you just wait for the right party to wear it to, right Kati?

The stack for Goodwill is growing.

Sneaky little dinosaur. See him hiding under the dresser? I think he's afraid to move.

Don't worry little Dinosaur. We've got a whole big basement waiting for your arrival at the new house.

The entire contents of my walk-in closet have been reduced to these handy Ziploc Big Bags.

I don't know what's more unbelievable. That the entire contents of my closet can fit in these few bags or that I have to use these many bags for so many clothes I NEVER WEAR!

For the first time in three years there is no crib in the spare room.

Just the parts to remind me that there was a crib in this room.

And yet...

...with all the clutter...

...all the messiness...

...all the boxed and unboxed and yet-to-be boxed...

...our bed is still made.
There's just some things a girl can't do without. Some things that make me feel like I have at least an ounce of control and tidiness left in this house. I'm just weird like that.


  1. Your bed looks like it belongs in a catalog it's so gosh darn white and pretty. I agree with you on the once of control. Needs to happen or this Momma gets a little testy:)
    I can't believe you are moving in a few short days. Congrats to you both. Lets go have that girls night EH!! I need it!!

  2. If you aren't super attached to your wedding dres and want to donate it to a good cause, check out Brides Against Breast Cancer.


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