Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's official. My baby is no longer a newborn. Sniff, sniff.

This afternoon I put the metal baby spoon in her mouth. Not to feed her. Not ready for that yet.

I did it to confirm my hunch. And then I heard it. That tell tale clink sound.

Her first tooth has cut. And the one next to it should be out in no time.

We knew it was coming. We could see it trying to emerge. She drooled. She bit me. She put everything she could coordinate into her mouth.

But still, I wasn't ready.

William didn't cut his first tooth until he was 6 months old. Lucy isn't 4 months until next week. I guess she just wants to be a big girl even if I want to keep her little forever.

At Target the other night I saw a mother in the diaper section holding her days-old baby. And when I saw how small she was that's when I knew. My little Lucy girl isn't like that anymore.

But I seem to be the only one that's a little crushed about this growing up thing.

Although I have to admit, those bottom teeth do provide the best baby photos ever. So at least I have that to look forward to.


  1. i know the feeling!! my "baby" is turning 4 on sunday -- although he did promise me to "stay this size forever" for me =)

    even if she's getting bigger - she still is cute!

  2. You're not the only one! I wanted to go through another baby stage even when Maddie was STILL a baby! Hormones? ha!

  3. Well that explains all the drool and her wet neck all the time. That is really early! But now she can be my little Gerber baby and she was such a good girl through it all. Didn't even fuss! Your the bestest little girl my Lucy Jean and Grandma loves you lots and lots!!

  4. one of many milestones,what a happy baby and could she look anymore like her big brother.Wait till that hair comes in thick and maybe curly like daddies,oh so cute!! I see them in matching outfits for a darling picture.Nancy

  5. Such a sweet smile!

    I have a feeling my little one will get her teeth before her older sister did too. She's been putting EVERYTHING in her mouth lately. We can feel the little "nubs" (is that a words?), but no teeth yet...

  6. Maybe not a newborn anymore but still. Absolutely adorable! Look at that smile...


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