Thursday, February 18, 2010

Head Strong

Tuesday marked three months since Lucy's surgery.

I think it's fair to say that Lucy is officially recovered. She was noticeably back to her old self two or three weeks post-op but her incision took longer to heal than I would have thought. Her stitches had all fallen out (thanks to a little encouragement from mama) by Christmas. But some of the scabs remained through the end of January.

It's just now that I'm starting to feel comfortable running a comb through her hair. And she needs it! My little Chia Pet come to life.

When family and friends see her they all make the same two comments:

1. "I can't believe how different she looks!" (In a good way, of course.)

2. "You can't even tell she had surgery!"

I would agree with both. Of course I'm the mama and every mom knows every bump, mole and marking on their child better than they know the back of their own hand. So I still notice the faint line where her hair parts from the scar. But I realize that the general population does not see this the way I do and in time, as her hair continues to grow, I probably won't notice it anymore either.

Today our Lucy is a joyful, curious little thing. She's so happy and trusting to be around other people. She exhibits no sign of stranger anxiety. Sometimes I feel guilty taking advantage of how easy it is to leave the room, hand her off to a friend for a minute, etc.

It's those thoughts that still make me wonder how I was able to hand over this smiling little girl to the doctors and nurses knowing that when I would see her again she would be in excruciating pain. We did it. But not without the help of family, friends, kind strangers and, not least of all, God.

It taught me the true strength of the human spirit. Scratch that. It taught me the true strength of a mother's spirit. We never know how capable we really are until we're on the other side of the mountain. Then we can finally say, "Wow, did I really do that?"

I took some head shots of Lucy this morning for comparison's sake. The sun was shining brilliantly into the kitchen so I sat her up on the kitchen counter and started snapping away. The sun did not make it easy to portray her head shape but it did illustrate what beautiful, sunny little girl she is.

Previous Head Shots:

Before Surgery

5 Days Post Surgery

Three Weeks Post Surgery

Today's Head Shots:


  1. She was adorable before,and shes beautiful now,so glad it turned out so well and its all behind you now,love to you all,Nancy

  2. What a sweetie. We are all so glad everything went smoothly for little Lucy. Aren't little girls the sweetest? The affection is so much different from the boys (although that is most definiately appreciated as well).

    We need to get together again sometime soon. James talks about how he want to visit William again, ring the doorbell, and see the mailbox!


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