Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's the latest and greatest way to communicate. Everyone's doing it. Even Oprah's jumped on the bandwagon.

So why has it taken me so long to discover Skype?

I have no idea.

Skype rocks.

I probably wouldn't care so deeply if I didn't have children but it just so happens I have two. So therefore, Skype rocks.

Brian's youngest sister left last week to study in Australia prompting the decision to buy a webcam and subsequently download Skype. She will be gone until June and she couldn't bear the thought of her eight nieces and nephews (yes, I said EIGHT!) growing up so fast without her here to see it.

Just think. By June Lucy will mostly likely be walking and probably even starting to talk. That's a lot of growin' up to be missing out on.

My webcam arrived yesterday (we bought this one and so far have been very happy) and I immediately set to work installing it (piece of cake) and downloading Skype (an even bigger piece of cake).

Just when I started to say, "OK, how do I..." I heard, "HI JENNY!"

And **poof!** like magic was a family friend of Brian's waving to me on the computer screen.

I'm not kidding you. It was that easy.

And even without Skype a webcam is just plain fun for the kids. Did I say kids? OK, I admit it. Brian and I spent an hour in front of it last night laughing until tears were rolling as we tried out all the different effects.

Brian and William even recorded the "Daddy and William Show" after baths last night. Copyright negotiations are pending as to whether or not we'll be able to air that here on Mama Nash.

Even Lucy is in on the action. You know how babies love to look at themselves in the mirror? Turns out the same applies when they see themselves on the computer screen. Check it out:

If you want to reach me on Skype shoot me an email and I'll add you to our contact list.

Happy Skyping!


  1. We totally need to skype sometime and have our babies ooh and aah to each other. :)


  2. Jenny!

    We have Skype too! We just signed on - Grandparents have a hard time not seeing their grandkids regularly....

    The first time Brian used it I was in my pajamas, so I hid in the other room. Martin loves it!

    We should connect sometime.


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