Monday, May 19, 2008

Another One to File Under Animal Sounds

This afternoon I told William to go to the patio door to look at the birdies so that he would be distracted while I was getting his lunch ready. From the kitchen sink window I saw two finches on my feeder so I thought that would keep him occupied just long enough to spread peanut butter and jelly and cut up a banana.

While he was standing there he kept says, "Gack, gack!"

This, you might remember from a previous post, is the sound he makes for a duck.

I responded, "No buddy, those birdies aren't ducks. You know what the birdie says. Tell me what the birdie says."

Again, "Gack, gack!"

I said, "No, the birdies say 'Tweet, tweet!' remember?"

Again, "Gack, gack!"

His lunch was ready so I walked over to the patio door to retrieve him and there sitting outside our patio door were two ducks entertaining my son. They were just out of my vantage point from the kitchen sink.

I'm constantly surprised at how much smarter this 18-month-old is than I think he is.

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