Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Your Two Cents

I've been writing this blog for just over 10 months now and what you may not know is that I've secretly been getting a bit frustrated. It's hard coming up with new and interesting things to post about every day.

As life happens each and every hour I'm thinking, "Could that be my next best post?"

I lay in bed at night waiting for dreamland to come over me and in my head I'm writing out the first sentences of how I'm going to start my post for the next day.

Or I might come upon something that William has done that is funny or maddening and before I react I think, "I've got to grab my camera so that I can post a picture of this!"

Sometimes I accomplish something that I'm really proud of. A wonderfully put together meal or a rearranged room and again, I snatch my camera so that my life can unfold before your eyes.

And as this blog has continued I've watched my daily hits rise and rise. I've got a little thingamabob called Google Analytics that helps me track how many people come to visit my blog each day. Right now the average is about 40 unique hits per weekday. I have slowly been gaining about five new readers each month.

But the problem? The amount of comments left on my site has not been proportional to the readership.

Sure a lot of you email me directly or when you see me in person you say, "Hey, great picture on your blog the other day."

But I need your comments. I'm begging for your comments. Comments are the footprints that remind me that when I wrote that one post, that one day, way back when, someone read it. Otherwise the only proof I have that anyone was ever here is my very impersonal Google Analytics thingamabob.

Now I'm certainly not asking that you post a comment each time I make a post but just a little feedback every few days would be tremendously appreciated. And the best part? I don't even have to know who you are. You are more than welcome to post anonymously. That's the beauty of Blogger my friends.

So what's got me all worked up? I read this post on another mom's blog a few days ago and it really hit the nail on the head for me. Pay attention to the part where she talks about how comments = pay day for bloggers. That is so true.

Hope to be hearing from you soon!


  1. I read the article that you referenced earlier this week and it's very true - bloggers appreciate comments so much.

    SO here I am commenting! :)

  2. Before blogs were popular, online mom's group were my thing...this is much like that. It feels good to chat/talk about life and it's ups and downs. It's like getting out of the house without ever leaving! (My favorite postings are the funny ones...William getting into trouble, Brian getting everyone sick when mamma's gone, haha)


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