Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Doe, A Deer, Three of Them!

Lately I feel like I've really been boo-hooing about where we live. We really want to have another baby but it is going to be a tight squeeze in our tiny house. We really want to move back to our beloved St. Paul, but there's just no way we can put our house for sale in this market. So here we are.

This morning I took William for a walk through a beautiful park reserve that is just blocks from our house. No park, no swings, no slides. Just me and William and the nature that surrounded us.

As I was nearing a turn in the walking path I saw a deer dart out and leap across the pavement. Luckily I had thought to snag my camera along for the walk in case I came across any good photos opportunities for William. I grabbed for my camera but it was too late. The deer had disappeared into the woods.

Then, just when I thought it was over, another deer stuck her head out. She too wanted to cross the path and follow her friend. This time I caught it all here. And then, just when I thought that was over, I spotted yet a third doe. By this time we were rather close and she just stayed put for a while, probably too scared to follow her friends at this point.

William and I sat there for quite some time and just watched her watch us. William got really into it and started talking to the deer. I captured that here. (Note: It's very difficult to see the deer in this video, but trust me, she's there.)

Then a group of high school students approached from the opposite direction and I could see the deer get slightly agitated no doubt feeling a bit trapped. Then from behind came a man walking his dog and that deer had had enough. Off she ran back into the woods.

Before the other people came into sight William and I had a peaceful time together just watching the deer. And at that moment I felt like God was speaking to me. He was telling me to slow down and just enjoy where I am here and now instead of always trying to think about where I want to be or where I wish I could be. Because one day when we do have that perfect sized house in St. Paul you can bet there won't be deer just a morning walk away.

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