Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gotta Love It, Gotta Have It

My item this week is my Sigg water bottle!

If you haven't read about chemicals leeching into our food and drink via plastics already than you've probably heard whisperings of it. No? Then you should definitely read this quick guide that lets you know what's safe and what you should probably get rid of. I've already had to get rid of my Nalgene bottle, a few sippy cups, all of my Dr. Brown's baby bottles and all of my disposable plastic water bottles that I like to save and refill.

What's a little disconcerting is that the U.S. is behind most other civilized nations in pulling these products off the shelves. So until the government does it for us, we just have to educate ourselves.

The news of plastic chemical leeching wasn't a huge blow to the Nash household for a few reasons.

(1) I don't drink a lot of bottled water during the day. It's really bad, I know. And whenever I do get really thirsty I usually pour filtered water into a glass.

(2) William hardly ever used baby bottles. He only had one if I wasn't around to nurse him or if we were at a public place where there wasn't a discreet location for me to feed him. For our next baby I think I'm going to invest in a few glass baby bottles. That's right! The old glass baby bottle is making a comeback. See? Not everything gets better as time goes on.

(3) Thankfully the sippy cups William uses most often have a #5 on the bottom which you'll see from the link above is on the safe list.

Now, enter the Sigg bottle. These water bottles are made out of aluminum to prevent the chemical leeching problem that plastics pose. From their website Sigg says:

Extruded from a single piece of aluminum, our innovative SIGG Lifestyle Water Bottles is surprisingly rugged, crack-resistant and completely reusable and recyclable. A ground-breaking interior lining is 100% effective against leaching and combats residue build-up, so your SIGG Lifestyle Bottle is easy to clean and ensures that all you taste is the water, juice or the energy drink that you just poured into the bottle, even after its been sitting in the Sun!

I purchased a super-cute lifestyle bottle complete with frilly flowers and all. I opted for the active bottle top which features a flip top. You have to press the top down for the water to come out which means my little sidekick, William, can't accidentally spill water all over.

Probably the best thing about this water bottle for me is that I've started to drink a lot more aqua during the day. If I keep it constantly filled, it's so much easier to just grab it off the counter while I'm the middle of cleaning up after a meal. I've even found that as my water intake has increase my afternoon headaches have subsided.

The price of a Sigg may turn you off initially (about $21) but when you take into consideration the amount of disposable plastic water bottles you purchase, the savings will start to add up pretty fast. Instead of purchasing individual bottled waters we now buy one big jug at the grocery store or use our Britta.
I'll be the first one to tell you that I'm not super conscientious when it comes to our environment but I must admit that it does feel good to not fill up our recycling bin with tons of plastic bottles.

You can purchase your Sigg online but to subside the shipping costs I was able to find a few at Creative Kids Stuff. But keep in mind that their selection isn't as large as the one you'll find online.


  1. I LOVE my new Sigg water bottle! I love how cold it stays with the aluminum. Thanks to my daughter for educating me on the newest "thingamajigs"! It made a great Mother's Day gift! Thank you honey! Love, Mom

  2. I have 2 of these from BSC! We had a 'going green' initiative earlier this year. They're great! It's our official water bottle for Ash's dance practice... :)


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