Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend In Pictures

Just lounging, waiting for the sun to come out.

"Gack, gack!" See the duck?

Boat ride with Jill and Luke!

Me and daddy.

Me and mommy.

Me and Jill.

"Luke lets me drive!"

I'll explain later...

In the car heading home.

Back home and goofing around.

Yes, in case you were wondering that third to last picture is of us sitting in the ER on Monday morning. After a long and fun weekend William decided to give us a little scare by losing consciousness for a few hours. Brian and I rushed him to the ER when it was apparent he was acting a little more seriously than just a normal sick little boy. He was seen right away and some tests were done. We knew it was bad when the lap tech had to poke him a bunch of times to get some blood and he didn't even flinch.

His labs came back with a slightly elevated white blood cell count. The ER doctor determined he was probably dehydrated. We're not sure how that happened because William hearts water. If you're ever around him for more than an hour you'll hear him scream, "Waa-waa!"

The treatment plan was to get an IV in him, have the on-call pediatrician see him and keep him overnight for observation. But William had a different plan. As soon as the nurses came in to insert his IV he put up a major fight and did a complete 180. Suddenly he was wide awake and just as alert as he normally is. They tried to get an IV in him twice and failed. I suggested letting him sip on water on his own to see if he could keep that down. They agreed and it work marvelously. He chugged an entire cup of water and then held it up and said, "Mo peeze!"

When the on-call pediatrician walked in and saw William I wanted to konk him over the head for making liars out of us. She must have wondered why we were there at all. Luckily the ER doctor vouched that he really was unconscious and unresponsive just a few minutes ago. The pediatrician ordered a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. It came back clear and we were on our way home.

William will go in to see his regular practitioner tomorrow to run follow-up tests but I'm sure everything will be fine. He's eating, drinking and climbing this morning just like any other day. Those dang kids. They'll always make you out to be a huge over-reactor. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

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  1. He's cute...and so are you! That picture of you two on the water is priceless!


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