Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Asking the Experts

If you have a toddler, have ever had a toddler or know someone who has a toddler, I have a question for you. What do you do on the days when you are by yourself and need to hop in the shower?

This topic came up at ECFE the other day and I was shocked by the number of moms who let their toddler have the run of the house while they are getting clean. I have never done this, until today, so I need to find out if I'm being too circumspect.

If I am the only adult at home I typically shower under three arrangements. The optimal situation is when William is sleeping. But we all know that toddlers never have a sleeping schedule that conforms to your schedule. So in those instances when he's not sleeping I restrain him in his over-the-door jumper which he outgrew months ago. Fortunately he still loves this thing so it works for the 10 minutes I need to jump in and jump out.

Lastly, when I am in desperation mode, I strap him in his highchair and turn on Sesame Street or something of the like. I hate doing this. It just feels wrong. And that's why I've really only done it a few times.

So today I let him roam the house while I showered. And it was fine, but I just couldn't seem to relax while I was shampooing and conditioning. If I heard him, I was worried. If I didn't hear him I was more worried. Was he choking? Did he fall? Was he unconscious? Did someone break into the house and take him? Ridiculous, I know, but these were my thoughts that were racing through my mind. I'm not even sure I got clean.

So now I'm asking you. Do you (or did you) let your child/children roam the house while you shower? And if so, what do you do to ensure everything will be safe and sound when you get out?


  1. No toddler yet, but I've already been thinking/worrying about this!! Can't wait to hear what people say!

    P.S. Has William got any books from the book exchange yet?

  2. James reads and Magdalene plays. Sometimes Magdalene will hang out in the bathroom with me and play with the bathtime toys. Other times she will just play in the play room with James. The hardest thing for me is keeping Magdalene away from the toilet and garbage cans. The garbage has to be moved to the counter and she has finally learned that playing with the toilet usually means pinched fingers. Before Magdalene knew about what would hurt her and what the rules of the house were, I just kept her in the bathroom with me, gave her toys and books, or put her in her exersaucer. Oh, toys she would get were only for my shower time. This kept them interesting long enough to get clean without having to worry.

  3. If you're worried, put the little guy in your pack n' play with some toys. (As long as he can't climb out yet.)

  4. Put a baby gate in your bathroom doorway and bring him in there with you! Make sure he has something fun to do for 10 min. Or...instead of bathing him at night, bathe with him in the morning - Ashley used to do this with me when we stayed was nice. :)


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