Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gotta Love It, Gotta Have It

This morning I was reorganizing the clothes William has outgrown and packing up a few things to share with our new buddy Matthew. And that's when I figured out what today's item was going to be.

Because our house is so tiny we are constantly short on storage space. That's why I love to use Hefty Big Bags. I know a lot of people are used to using something like this bin when it comes to storing clothes or other items but I've found that these bins are hard to carry when full, don't hold as much, are expensive and take up too much space.

Enter Big Bags. I found them when I was shopping for sandwich baggies at Target one day. For around $5 you get three large bags so I thought it was worth a try. I converted the one Sterilite bin I owned into a toy box and transferred all William's old clothes into two Big Bags. Once the bags were full (which took A LOT of clothes) I laid on top of them to squeeze out all the air. This is William's favorite part. Then I just zipped them shut and slid them underneath his crib. I am able to fit two completely full Big Bags under his crib. The crib's dust ruffle hides the bags which I love because I hate nothing more than visible clutter.

I've also found these bags useful for storing my maternity clothes and our feather bed during the warmer months. Because the bags are fairly airtight I don't have to shoo away any dust bunnies when I go to retrieve something. (P.S. My maternity clothes come no where near filling up one bag. Not even close. How is it that William has been here for only 18 months and he can fill two of these bags plus an entire closet?)

The one caveat I have for you is that Ziploc sells similar bags. I've purchased these before and was not as satisfied. Once the bag is completely full the Ziploc bags are tough to close. They work just like a sandwich baggie in that you slide your fingers across the seam to lock it. But this is difficult to do on a large and very-full bag. It's much easier to use the slider and just pull it across as the Hefty bags allow.

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