Friday, June 20, 2008

Longest Day of the Year But No Long Post Here

Well it's one of those week where it's too nice outside to spend any time thinking about a thoughtful post to write while sitting in front of my computer screen and therefore out of the bright sunshine. Soooo...I will fall back on a tried and true post of pictures.

Yesterday we went to Como Park with my good friend Kati and her little kiddies James and Maggie. It was a perfect day weatherwise but what would have made it even more perfect would have been if the one thousand and one YMCA groups had decided not to go to the zoo that day. Oh well. Instead we spent a lot of time at Como Town. A first for William. They have a lot of the traditional kiddie rides you'll find at your average carnival.

The pictures you see of William smiling are BEFORE the rides started. After they started to go round and round he wasn't so sure he was having fun. He never cried but he definitely wasn't laughing either. Maggie, the youngest in the group, was the biggest crowd pleaser with laughs at every turn.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, the teacups! I always experience motion sickness when I go on that kind of ride so I always have my husband go with my little girl instead...

    P.S. Cute pictures!


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