Friday, June 13, 2008

NBA Bliss

If there's one thing you can bet on with the Nashes it's that we don't do basketball. We don't play it, we don't watch it on television and we don't go to games. Ok, so I guess I've been to two Timberwolves games but that's only because on those two occasions we happen to run into some box seats for free. And who doesn't like to feel like a VIP every once in a while?

So when Brian's interest piqued about the 2008 NBA Finals I was taken aback. What? Who are you?

We went out with our friends Santo and Kali last week and I rolled my eyes when he said he wanted to find a seat in the bar that was close to a television so he could watch the game. He explained that yes, we don't do basketball but that this was different. THIS was the Celtics and Lakers. The Celtics, with former MVP Timberwolf Kevin Garnett, verses the almighty Lakers with the controversial Kobe Bryant and other players with a not-so-squeaky-clean background.

Still, I informed my husband, I didn't really care. Yes, it would be nice to see Garnett win because I believe that he is a genuinely decent guy but I was content to take 3 seconds out of my day and read the score in the newspaper the next day.

But then Kali reminded me. "Jenny," she said, "you do know that this is the L.A. Lakers we're talking about, right?"

Me: "Yeah, so?"

Kali: "Yeah so...that means these finals provides for excellent celebrity sightings!"

Ah ha! Now my interested was piqued! How could I forget that a Lakers game is second only to the Academy Awards when it comes to spotting A-list celebs?

So last night Brian and I settled in for the second half of Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Only the second half because (1) it was too nice out last night to sit inside for a full three and a half hours, (2) basketball doesn't get exciting until the end, and (3) in the third quarter the network does a celebrity montage showing a close-up of each and every A-lister in attendance that evening.

So when Brian whooped, cheered and hollered as the Celtics made an amazing comeback, I whooped, cheered and hollered every time I spotted David Beckham, Will and Jada Smith, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner or, my personal favorite, Justin Timberlake. Woo hoo, JT!

In the midst of all our rooting I turned to Brian and said, "You do realize this is like the perfect thing for us to agree on watching."

He said, "How's that?"

I said, "Well, it's kind of like what we would get if we merged together with your favorite Notre Dame blog websites."

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