Monday, June 9, 2008

Why I Haven't Posted Since Thursday Morning

  • Thursday was a full day. A trip to the grocery store was followed by a rain-induced 2-hour rush hour drive to my sister's so that she could watch William so that I could go out with Brian and friends.

  • Friday Brian took the day off work and we all know that when our spouses are home from work we stay-at-homers actually get less work done.

  • We went to a party on Friday night and Saturday morning I realized I left my camera there. So there's my excuse for not even being able to post a picture.

  • Saturday was our first trip to the (outdoor) pool this year. This would have provided a perfect picture post but see third bullet point.

  • On Sunday we (Brian) began our project of redoing William's bedroom. At the same William found it a good opportunity to come down with some sort of a bug. Brian assembled a rather large dresser while I lounged in our bed with William alternating between reading books and taking his temperature.

  • This morning I completed putting together the bedroom. Before and after pictures coming soon. See third bullet point.

  • This afternoon the sun is shining but William still isn't feeling 100 percent. So when he's awake we've been vegging in the living room. When he's sleeping I've been catching some rays.

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