Monday, June 2, 2008

What a Grand Old Day!

Yesterday Brian ran in the Grand Old Day 5K race with my sister Jackie, my good friend Jill, and her brother Chris. The weather was perfect although I did hear a few complaints from some of the runners that it was a little too hot.

And they're off! There's three of them off to the right (Jackie's in the hot pink shirt) but it seems Brian is hiding behind the pack.

Jackie's coming in for a finish!

Next is Brian!

And there's Jill not far behind!

"You guys are too sweaty to hold me!"

So proud of his daddy!

The 5K crew a.k.a. "The Crack Snakes." (That was their team name. Don't ask.)

Mesmerized by the parade.

"Aunt Jackie caught a sucker for me and LET ME HAVE IT!!"

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