Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gotta Love It, Gotta Have It

My item this week isn't an item at all but rather a person, or people.

Our next-door neighbors are a family of five. The dad works downtown (same as Brian) and the mom stays at home (same as me). They have three children: two girls ages 4 and 2 and a little boy who is just two months younger than William.

In the winter we barely see or talk to them except for a passing wave if we happen to be driving in or out of the garage at the same time. But in the summer we see each other almost every day and pretty much all day long. In the mornings and afternoons Neighbor Mom and I are outside chasing the kids around in the backyard. And in the evening Neighbor Dad and Brian are in the driveways pushing around bikes and trikes.

This week Neighbor Mom and kids have been gone all day on Tuesday and Wednesday. And this afternoon when William woke up from his nap and we wandered outside I realized how lonely it was here without our friends.

So this week I'm saying yay for fun neighbors and here's hoping you've got a few good ones on your street.

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