Friday, October 3, 2008

All By Myself

Can you believe that for two whole years I've never been inside my own house by myself for more than a couple of hours? Well that's all about to change this weekend and I can't wait!

This morning Brian left with William at 10:30 and he won't be returning until Sunday evening. Brian and his dad are driving to South Bend, Indiana to see a Notre Dame football game. A dream and also a birthday gift (from last year) for Brian. A few weeks ago Brian's mom called and asked if she could take William this weekend. Since they just bought a new puppy, and we all know how William feels about dogs, I knew he would have a splendid time rather than sitting at home doing the same old, same old with mom. So off he went.

Brian gets his football game, William gets to play with a puppy and I get peace and quiet in my own house all weekend long. Everyone wins!

Now what might I do with my three whole days of freedom, you might ask? Go out with friends? Catch a movie? Maybe indulge in a spa treatment? The answer is none of those!

I'm tackling closets and I can't wait! I'm huge on organization and decluttering but it's difficult to keep on top of those when your free time is limited to a few hours a day (naptime). And those are the same few hours in which I'm also supposed to get everything else done. Not to mention that it's a little difficult to clean out a closet that resides in the same room your son is sleeping.

So now I have three glorious days to empty, sort and reorganize without little hands and feet getting in the way. It may not be the activity of choice for everyone but it's mine and I've got to get going because the clock's already ticking down!

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