Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feel Good Fashion

Right now I'm at the stage in pregnancy where I don't quite feel beautiful everyday. Isn't it just so much easier once that bump is obvious? Right now it just looks and feels like a beer gut. My jeans still fit but boy do I have indent marks when I take them off a night. Pregnant or not here are a few things that always give me a boost when I look in the mirror.

1. A great pair of dangle earrings. Don't splurge, just scrounge the clearance rack at Target. Right now my faves are a simple pair of rather large silver hoops. Don't be afraid to go too big!

2. A lace bottom tank or camisole. This is a must during fall/winter/spring in Minnesota. I love cute sweaters but a lot of times they are itchy or too short so these work great underneath. I've found great colors at Kohl's and also those cheap-o teeny-bopper stores you see in the malls. Don't go for quality. You won't need it if it goes under everything.

3. A pair of toeless black heels. Yes, even in the middle of winter. They go with everything! I admit, I never wear these during the week while I'm out and about. But on the evenings and weekends they sure do make me feel like a grown-up when I'm out with the girls or just my hubby. Check clearance racks at Target, Payless, DSW or Famous Footwear.

4. Five-minute make-up. I usually don't put make-up on until after lunchtime but I do try to do it everyday because it just makes me feel put-together. If I'm really going out I spend a lot more time on my face, but if I'm just heading to the grocery store or even just hanging out at the house I can do the following in five minutes or less:
  • Apply concealer/foundation - just enough to do away with redness and blemishes
  • Stroke on some neutral-colored eye shadow
  • A few sweeps of a blush on my cheeks and then all over. (During the winter try for a muli-colored bronzer instead.)
  • Black mascara but ONLY on the top lashes. I used to always be a top and bottom lash kind of gal but my friend insisted I try just the top lashes. It took me about a week to get used to and now I love it. It makes the eyes pop so much more.
  • Finally, chapstick followed by my lip gloss of choice.
5. OK, here's the last one and it might be a bit of a splurge for some of you but it will last and it's worth it. A great fitting pair of jeans. And the best part? You really only need one pair. If you wash your jeans more than once a week they're not going to last you very long. Look for a lower rise and a slight flare opening in the legs. They look great on everyone. If you're not sure where to start try on a pair of Long and Leans from the Gap.

OK, your turn. What things are sure to pump you up when you're not feeling your most glamorous?

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  1. Oooh, I like this one! New perfume...recently purchased 2 for going back to work: Coco's Mademoiselle and CK's new secret Obsession. Love it!


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