Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Plus Pictures

This weekend we closed out our 2008 Wedding Season with a cross-state double whammy. On Friday we traveled from Woodbury, MN to Alexandria, MN. On Saturday we traveled from Alexandria, MN to Eau Claire, WI. On Sunday we traveled from Eau Claire, WI back to Woodbury, MN. Mapquest it. It was quite a feat.

The highlight of the weekend was the 4-hour trip on Saturday where Brian and I got to sit in the car alone without any distractions. This includes both our son and the radio. We talked the entire way and never once mentioned the obvious subjects of jobs or kids. Those are the wonderfully rare moments that keep marriages strong.

Now we're back home and are ready to let our car rest for the rest of the Autumn. We have no overnight travel scheduled on our calendar until Christmas. Ahh...the beauty of not having to pack and unpack bags.

Today it's rainy and getting chilly. I'm enjoying a hot cup of apple cider (because my stomach still can't handle coffee quite yet) and I'm looking forward to catching up while William naps. In the meantime sit back and enjoy some pictures I've had stored in my camera.

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