Monday, October 13, 2008

Thursday Night Recap: October 9

With all the traveling we had going on this past weekend I forgot to post my Thursday Night Recap with the best entertainment yet!

Eats: THANK YOU BRIAN! He brought home two steaming cups of soup, one broccoli cheddar and the other tomato bisque, and a turkey/spinach/artichoke sandwich for us to split.

Dessert: A few cookies for the boys. I didn't have any. I preferred stuffing myself with aforementioned.

Drinks: I don't think we (Brian) had any. That probably turned out to be a good thing. His body needed all the help it could get in preparing for Friday and Saturday night at the wedding celebrations.

Entertainment: We headed back to Target as a family to pick up the previously mentioned forgotten diapers. We played dress-up for an hour in the Halloween aisles. Lots of fun without one spent penny.

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