Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey, What's for Dinner?

My blogging friend, Stephanie, always writes about her family's after-dinner walks which are a part of their bedtime routine.

We have a similar routine except ours is seasonal. You see, Stephanie is from Arizona where I'm pretty sure the sun shines at least one part of every single day of the year.

Here in Minnesota, another blogging friend over at 2 To 4 A Day walks, well, two to four miles a day. She does speak of a treadmill for the really bad days but for the most part, she's out there putting one foot in front of the other.

Right now, in the midst of January, I miss walks. We still get out there every so often to hear the crunch crunch of the snow beneath our boots when the thermometer gets above 20 degrees, but in winter those days are more the exception than the rule.

Do you know what I miss most about evening walks in spring/summer/fall? I miss the smell of families making dinner. I miss the clink clink sound of dishes being placed in the sink for washing. I miss catching sight through an open window of moms and dads, brothers and sisters gathered around the dining room table.

There's something exhilarating about catching a glimpse of someone else's life when they don't know you're looking. Don't you think?

So let me peek inside your home this evening. Tell me: What are you doing for dinner? I want to hear it even if it's eating cereal in front of the TV or going out for Mickey D's. Anonymous comments are welcome!

I'll start.

Tonight we are feasting on whole grain pasta. I let William pick any shape and he picked shells. So shells it is. I'll cook up some sweet Italian sausage, carrots, mushrooms and marinara sauce. I'll throw it all into one pot and top it with some freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

OK, your turn!


  1. well, tonight is crazy because my oldest has bball. last night we were all home (me and the 4 kids) we had chicken quesadillas with peppers and onions (of coourse 2 kids picked off the peppers and onions) broccoli and pumpkin bread. Homework was all finished and we watched a little american idol before they all went to bed. The youngest one kept interupting and the older ones kept getting frustrated they couldn,t hear the TV, hard to please all at once but it was a great evening. (dad was out of town)

  2. well,i can say i made breaded pork chops and baked potatoes last night,but tonite we are off to miami to see Cavalia,a sort of ciques soliel with horses cant wait!Nancy and Jim

  3. We are having grilled mesquite chicken with baked potatoes and corn! Homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

  4. Grilled turkey burgers with guacamole (homemade with avacado and plain yogurt)and butternut squash.

    Yikes! This sounds like something OLD people would eat!!

  5. The other commenters had such fancy meals. We will not wow you tonight. Casey ate his leftover birthday meal from Sunday night (roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, and roasted veggies), but Baby H and I opted for the appetizers from that meal with veggies and hummus, chips and salsa, and vanilla pudding and a Granny Smith apple. We ate dinner every night around the table growing up, and I remember telling my mom, 2to4aday, that I just wished one night we could have cereal and toast and eat in front of the TV. Little did I know that I just described my entire college career. I appreciate every dinner we had/have together. :)

  6. Impossible cheeseburger pie... new recipe, crossing my fingers that my husband and I will like it!

  7. sorry 1st commentor here , i meant to say "the 4 kids and I" :)

  8. Birthday night! He picked pineapple pizza from Papa Murphy's with nothing else. Me, "Do you want anything else with your pizza?" Him, "NO! Just pizza." So, just pizza it was. For dessert he chose Chocolate Buttermilk Cake with White Chocolate Butter Frosting. It was super sweet but good. We wore party hats and necklaces, had a banner up, sang, opened presents, and played with the new toys. It was a great evening. Thanks for asking.

  9. Last night I made homemade linguine for linguine alla carbonara. Mark couldn't wait to take the some of the left-overs for lunch today!
    P.S. Happy Birthday James!

  10. Tonight at The Logues: Quesadillas

    Martin asked for them earlier in the week. Who would have guessed he knew what those even are.

    Kids are amazing.

  11. We had chicken-alfredo pasta bake, courtesy of Costco. It was good. In fact, I think I ate too much. I'm positively stuffed! :)


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