Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ready To Be Back Among The Healthy

I'm sorry to disappoint all my readers's me again. As in, not Brian.

Before you get yourself all in a huff, don't worry. He'll be back some time this coming week to comment on tomorrow night's episode of The Bachelor.

Can you understand now why I'm so addicted to The Bachelor/Bachelorette? It's not that I'm addicted to watching the show. It's that I'm addicted to watching the show with Brian. That man is always on.

And speaking of being on, boy was I off this week. It was a rough one at the Nash household. We were afflicted with not one, but two slow-moving bugs this week.

I already told you about William coming down with pink eye on Tuesday. That bugger lasted all the way through Friday. We couldn't go anywhere so as not to infect anyone else. And we couldn't even escape to the outdoors because temps were subzero all week.

Naturally, with all that recycled air, it was the perfect recipe for another virus to wreak havoc. My throat started feeling a bit scratchy on Wednesday afternoon. By 9 o'clock that evening I was in full-fledge chills and achiness.

That lasted through all of Thursday and into Friday. Brian pulled through with a work-from-home day on Thursday but I had to fly solo on Friday. With white knuckles I made it.

Lucy's little body was a day behind mine. She was up all night Thursday with a fever and no doubt feeling every bit the amount of crapiness I was feeling the night before. Poor little gal.

Saturday morning William's pink eye was gone. I, however, woke up with my eyes glued together. Isn't that how it always goes? Just when you think you've beat it.

But no bother. Out the door he went (finally) to swimming lessons. Lucy and I stayed all snuggled at home while daddy played chauffeur. It was his first lesson without a parent in the water. He absolutely loved it.

Earlier in the day I finally fell to the disease and got some antibiotic eye drops. Twenty-four hours and that thing is dead in the water. And it's a good thing because later that night, when Brian and I finished up a movie, I turned to him and laughed.

"What?" he asked.

"You've got it too!"

His eyes were as red as a cherry Popsicle.

"I do not," he said, disbelieving.

Together we went upstairs to investigate in the bathroom mirror.

"We're going to be quite the sight at church tomorrow," I said.

"People are going to say, 'Hey did you see that family sitting by us? I think the parents might be drug addicts? How sad!'"

But with a little help from Visine I don't think our cover was blown.

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  1. LOL! I always wonder what exactly and how exactly do you contract pink eye? Ash gets it at least 2x/ year from it a not-washing-hands-enough-kind-of-deal? Luckily we've never gotten it from her though!


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