Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm going on record right here and now to say that I'm pretty sure I've got one of the most helpful hubbys out there.

Just this morning he got up well before six bells and went to the gym. On his way home he stopped at a bakery to pick up a loaf of banana bread for me because today was my day to share treats at the early childhood school I attend with the kids every Tuesday.

While he was gone William woke up an hour earlier than usual to tell me his eyes were stuck together.

Pink eye.

Pink eye is the pits. Mostly because there's no real sick feeling yet due to its uber contagious nature we have to remain quarantined until it passes.

So now I have a little boy who is every bit a little boy except that he has a bit of goop in his eyes and he's going crazy that we can't leave the house.

While I'm applying a warm wash cloth to help unstick his eyes Lucy makes everyone aware of her presence. She's screaming her head off like the wild woman she is. For what? No one ever can quite tell. It's just Lucy.

But Brian is still out pumping iron and chasing down banana bread so Lucy has to wait until William's lids give way. By the time they do give way he's much too awake to believe anything I have to say about it still being nighttime. I close his door anyway. And he sings himself some tunes, anyway.

I tend to Lucy and get her settled back down.

I crawl back into bed.

Brian is home 15 minutes later and William has finished his solo and is out the door as soon as he hears daddy's footsteps.

Brian tends to his potty and breakfast routine and empties the dishwasher.

Is there anything worse in the morning than finishing up breakfast and realizing you still need to empty the dishwasher or risk having those cereal bowls sit in the sink until lunch arrives? Maybe I'm too OCD for you. But Brian knows my quirks and he knows how to rock my world. An empty dishwasher in the morning rocks my world.

As he's finishing up his shower I inform Brian that school is a no go today. See paragraph four.

I ask him, ever so sweetly, if he would kindly travel in the complete opposite direction of his office to please, pretty please, drop off those treats that are due at school today so that I don't have to deal with another treat day this year.

He agrees. And then adds the cherry on top and asks he should stay at home today or leave work early or what would be most helpful to me.

I send him on his way and tell him I'll call if I need him.

See? Wonderful, awesome, helpful, reliable Brian.

But then there was last night when I wandered out in the cold to attend my yoga class followed by a quick jaunt to Target. As I'm unloading the car of bags and boxes of diapers I'm wondering, where's Brian?

I had to make three of four trips back out to the car to get everything and it was fraa-eezing! Usually he's there to slip on his boots and get the job done for me or at least grab the merchandise from my hands at the door.

Did he already go to bed?

Is he tending to one of the kids who maybe woke up?

If he's just sitting there in the living room watching TV I'm going to be SO MAD!

Well, that's exactly what he was doing.

"Thanks for your help," I said in that sarcastic voice all wives have perfected.

"I'm working!" he said.

"I bet."

You know what he was "working" on?

This blog. His little posting promise on last night's The Bachelor.

He had the show turned on, the remote at his side and his laptop on his, well, lap. Every so often he would pause the DVR and type something.

"What are you doing? Are you LIVE blogging?" I asked.

"No, just taking notes."

He's taking this serious, people.

For the two of you who are desperately awaiting Brian's post, it'll probably be up tomorrow, or maybe tonight at the earliest.

We'll have to cut him some slack on his punctuality. He's busy being a good husband and a good father.

I know, I know. I thought blogging came before those things too. But he reminded me that they most certainly do not.


  1. oh,Brian,dont know how you do it all,but you are the envy of many wives reading this blog!!Jenny,hes one in a million!!!Aunt Nancy

  2. Isn't it great to have a super helpful, hands-on husband? I don't know what I would do without Tim.

    Just yesterday he vacuumed, mopped, did dishes, did laundry, AND did baths. And he just landscaped our backyard. I love that man. So much.



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