Sunday, October 24, 2010


  • You say "Pea-Daddy" [Please, Daddy] for everything.  Even if Daddy isn't around and even if the person with whom you are speaking is definitely not Daddy.
  • You say "He-go" for "Here you go" and "Thank you."
  • When you are finished eating dinner you scream "kee-kees" [cookies] at the top of your lungs and then you subsequently answer your own question by raising your hand and saying, "I DO!"
  • You fold your hands when we pray and you always say "AIM!" [Amen] at the end of each prayer.
  • You love to sing and dance with all the music at church.
  • But you don't like going to church all that much.
  • You are fearless on your own terms.  But you get paralyzingly scared if we put you on a high surface.
  • Loud roars and big, noisy action figure toys scare the living daylights out of you.
  • On most nights you sleep 13 hours.  But you still wake in the middle of the night at least once a week.
  • You love to sleep with your Jellycat bunny.  You also love your nukie and your blankie but you aren't as attached as your older brother once was.
  • You are just now starting to enjoy your big brother's company and love it when he uses funny voices, makes you chase him down the hallway or when he hides under his bed.
  • You call him "Ee-yum" or sometimes "Wa-yum."
  • Your favorite food is anything we put in front of you.  I can't think of one thing you won't eat.
  • Strangers comment on your long hair with natural highlights.  They also comment on your shyless way of saying "HI!" to anyone we see.
  • You let anyone hold you.  Except the lady at the gym.  So we haven't been to the gym together in a while.
  • When all other modes of communication fail, screaming works.  Louder the better.  You're going to have a lovely singing voice.
  • Sometimes hugs include small pats on the back.  That shows you really mean it.
  • You like sayings like "Uh oh, pump up the jam!" or anything in a weird voice.  Easiest way to get you to laugh on cue. 
  • Every day I put barrettes or pigtails in your hair.  Every day you take them out.
  • Hands down, your favorite person in the world in Daddy and you let the whole neighborhood know about it when his car pulls into the garage at the end of the workday.
  • But you still prefer mommy when you are hurt or sick or scared.
  • You don't really care for television except for Sesame Street.  Sesame Street is your drug.
  • You have an obsession with shoes and if you are crabby putting on your shoes is a sure thing to cheer you up.
  • Your favorite toys are your baby dolls, play kitchen, William's cars and dropping the juice lids into the tin can.  And phones.  Any phone.  All phones.
  • You never take off your sunglasses when I put them on you.  This amazes other people.
  • When I'm typing away at the computer you quietly walk over and nudge your head against my elbow so that I'll put my arm around you.
  • When we ask you how old you are, you hold up one finger and say matter-of-factly, "Tee." [Three]
  • When we ask you what your name is you say, "Soo-see."
  • When I say I love you, you look back and say, "Muh-WAH!" and blow me a giant kiss.
  • When you wake in the morning we fight over who gets to go get you first.
  • When you are waddling around the house or sitting in your highchair or dancing to the radio, we are stunned by your beauty and drunk with your cuteness.
  • When you came into our lives 18 months ago you filled a void we didn't know existed.
  • Happy half birthday, Little Lucy Girl!

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