Friday, October 1, 2010

Falling Leaves

I made a pile in the backyard so they could jump in it.

Brian reminded me I didn't need to do so much manual labor with the rake.  That's what our leaf blower was for.  I didn't care.  There's a lot more satisfaction in completing a task when it makes you sweat a little.

The trees in our yard are still 90% full of leaves so my efforts were futile anyway.  The yard was covered again this morning.

They say there hasn't been a colorful year such as this in a long, long time.  It's our gift for putting up with such a humid summer.

There's a maple tree on our property.  When we first looked at buying this house I was excited about this maple tree.  Now is the time of the year I'm reminded why.

We went to the far grocery store this morning because the road that takes us there winds through one of the largest parks in the Twin Cities.

It did not disappoint.

We saw trees like this.

But I forgot my camera.

Do you think those kinds of trees can glow in the dark?  I bet they can.

On the way home the wind had picked up a little and as we drove through streets like this the occasional leaf would flutter into our car through the sunroof.

William giggled and tried to catch them.  Then I would release them back outside through my window.

Lucy shouted: "LEEEEEEEEAPBF!"

It's a new-ish word for her and she let's everyone know about it as she points to the ground wherever she's walking.

The Twin Cities Marathon is this weekend.  They say it's one of the most beautiful urban marathons in the country.  And I can understand why.

How could you possibly concentrate on running when there's astounding reds and shocking yellows all around?

Well, I don't.  Concentrate on running, that is.  I watch.  I'm good at cheering.  And letting the kids crunch through the leaves with rosy cheeks and runny noses while I sip my hot latte.

It's true.  Summer is my favorite.  Hands down.  But there's just something to be said about fall now isn't there?

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