Monday, October 4, 2010

Me on Babywearing

I've never been one to pay attention to product recalls.  Is that bad?  I mean, if it says this product will unexpectedly explode in your hands, then I might pay attention.  But for the most part I let crib and toy, even food, recalls go by unnoticed.  I figure I'm diligent enough in every day life that I'll know if something's up.  Whatever happened to common sense, people?  Nowadays everything has to be policed and come with some sort of outrageous warning.

This month Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing is speaking out against the Consumer Product Safety Commission's warnings of all baby slings, pouches, ties, wraps and so forth.  If you're interested in what this is all about you can read more about it in Stephanie's call to action.

I, for one, was shocked by these warnings.  Not only did I find wearing my babies incredibly useful, I also found that it was incredibly affectionate.  I don't think I fully realized this until Lucy came along and I had to split my time between two children and couldn't afford to be without two hands all day long.  As soon as she snuggled into my Mei Tai she was completely content nestled next to my chest listening to my heartbeat.

What's more surprising is the number of positive outcomes that correlate with wearing your baby.  Everything from baby's breathing, heart rate and mental development are better while being held in a sling or carrier.  And for the mama it helps ward off depression and makes bonding with her baby that much easier and faster.

If you know a new mother, or even an existing one, help spread the word that, while following best practices, wearing your baby is safe and healthy!
Me and Lucy at 4-months-old

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