Friday, October 1, 2010

Pay It Forward Friday

I missed last week so I've got two this week.

1.  Some good friends of ours treated us out to a Twins game.  Not sure if you've heard but this team is RED HOT!  And they've got a gorgeous new stadium to go with it.  Add it up and that equals not cheap tickets.

As the summer went on and the team got better and the ticket prices got higher, Brian and I wrote off a baseball game this season.  "Next year," we both declared.

But the call came in and we went!  With crazy awesome seats to boot.  But even more delightful than that was getting to spend time with our friends.  When the conversation flows more than the beer, you know you've got good friends.  And that's hard to do with these two!  I heart them.

2.  Yesterday I watched my friend's five-month-old baby boy for a few hours when she was in a childcare pinch.  At the end of the day I told Brian if I could just clone that little boy I'd be all set to try for baby #3.  I don't think I heard him cry a single second he was under my care.  He threw out smiles for free.  And giggled that impossibly cute baby belly laugh.

When I took him with me to pick up William from preschool all the moms said, "You have three?"

"No!" I exclaimed.

But secretly I guess I wish I did.

Lucy was a little jealous.  But not so much that it was a problem.  She was more curious than anything.  She regressed from walking to crawling when he was around and demanded to be held at the exact same time.  I have two hips so this worked out just fine.

William grew up no less than seven years.  He insisted on giving the baby his bottle and helping to settle Lucy's screams by feeding her some yogurt while I changed a diaper.  He was the truest definition of a big brother than I've ever seen out of him.

"But why isn't Baby M coming over today?!" He asked this morning with a sad face.

"Would you like a baby brother?"  I asked, hypothetically.

"Yeah.  Maybe you should get one in your tummy again like Lucy only Lucy will be a boy and we can name him William."


Your turn!  What acts of kindness did you witness or were a part of this week?

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