Friday, October 8, 2010

Minnesota's Funny Like That

If you're from Minnesota you'll know what I mean when I say that our weather is never average. It seems that each night I watch the evening forecast the meteorologist is predicting temps that are ten degrees in either direction of the seasonal average. In Minnesota it's normal not to be normal.

We're all about extremes here. What other climate can boast temperatures ten or twenty degrees below zero and then six months later have triple digits? We have freeze warnings, frost warnings, air quality warnings, heat advisory warnings, flood warnings, windchill warnings, thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, winter storm warnings, sleet warnings, freezing rain warnings and blizzard warnings. What have I missed?

Pretty much the only thing you can expect to not have to deal with here is hurricanes.

But the truth of the matter is, all of us pretty much love the unexpected.

"Can you believe this weather?!" Is commonly heard from week to week.

We love when it's 60 degrees in January and we think it's funny when it snows in May. Rarely does a year go by without breaking at least one daily record. Today (and tomorrow!) looks like one of those days.

Almost exactly one year ago from today I took these pictures. Today there is nary a cloud in sight and it is in the mid 80s. Neither October day was "normal." But these days it seems nothing is normal, right?

Yesterday the kids refused to nap.  And instead of letting it irritate me, I loaded them both up in the car and headed to a park we haven't been to before.  When we got home it was still too nice to be inside so we played until it was time for dinner.

Here are the pictures I took this year. (Do not let the kids' attire fool you. They were seriously overdressed and smelled like it when we got home!)
Cheese fest.
That's better.  I wonder if William will ever let me borrow those blue eyes.  Just for a day?

Self-timer.  I have to tickle their bellies to get these smiles.

I'm not ashamed of bribing with cookies to get a halfway decent photo.

I went inside for a minute and when I came out she was lying perfectly still in the middle of the yard and stayed like that for ten whole minutes.

Checking for more cherry tomatoes that have turned red enough to eat.

I wonder what the middle of October 2011 will bring?

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