Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Like the Spaghetti Part in Lady & The Tramp

This picture is almost a month old now but for whatever reason I forgot to post it here.  Brian was out of town for a long weekend and I thought up fun things for me and the kids to do while he was gone.  I bought junky frozen food for dinner -- chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, wontons and the like -- and then I promised we would walk to the local malt shop and William could pick out any flavor of malt he wanted.

He picked Chocolate and Banana.  I picked Chocolate and Coffee.

It was tricky keeping Lucy from tipping over the malt glasses while I fed her at an all-too-slow-in-her-opinion pace.  So I decided I would just let her do her own thing and deal with the mess in the bathtub later.  I let her stand on the booth next to William and stuck an extra straw in his malt.  It was a totally genius idea if I do say so myself.

I could have snapped 100 pictures of this same pose if I wanted.  Neither of them moved until the glass was sucked dry.

I sent the picture via text to Brian.  It wasn't until after he responded that I realized Lucy appears to be holding William's hand.

It's pictures like these that make my heart skip a beat at the thought of being away from them when I'm on vacation next week.

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