Friday, October 8, 2010

Pay It Forward Friday

I'm a little grumpy today because the Twins lost their second playoff game last night.  It was supposed to be this magical year of a winning team and a brand new stadium and gorgeous weather to go with it.  But instead those damn Yankees stuck it to us two nights in a row.

In my opinion it's no coincidence that Jeter rhymes with cheater.

We're not out of it yet but things are looking grim now that we're forced to win two in a row in their brand new stadium.

So I had to think a while before I could think of something kind to write about this week.  But then I remembered:  Potatoes!

My uncle Jim is a potato farmer.  Have I mentioned this before?  Well he is.  And he's also extremely generous with his crop.

This weekend, at my Grandma's 86th birthday party, he gave us an entire box full of potatoes.  We won't be buying potatoes for a long, long time.

On Monday night all we had for dinner was a baked potato bar complete with sour cream, butter, blue cheese and cheddar.  The kids devoured theirs and I was sorry I hadn't thought to make more.

As the season of spending too much money grows closer it looks like we'll be able to eat and buy Christmas presents.

P.S. If you're in the neighborhood stop by and I'll throw together a bag for you of the best spuds you've ever tasted!  I have plenty to share.

OK, your turn.  Tell me about kindness!

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